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The Rossford Chiropractic Center Team

Rossford Chiropractic Assistant, Stacy

Stacy, Chiropractic Assistant

Stacy | Chiropractic Assistant

I was introduced to chiropractic as a teenager when my younger brother, Sam, was diagnosed with scoliosis. My parents consulted a musculoskeletal specialist (Chiropractor) for my brother’s condition and soon my entire family became Chiropractic patients. Sam is now a 6’4” History teacher and a life-long chiropractic patient.

I began working with Dr. Shelton in 1991. I was a young wife and mother and I needed a “job” to help supplement my husband’s income to raise our 3 small children, ages 6 years, 4 years and 8 months. My “job” has become much more than just a “job”! I am proud of “our” office and refer to the patients as “my patients,” even though I’m just the Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.).

Thanks to my parents seeking out a Chiropractor for my brother’s condition and my need for a “job” years ago, I have a third-generation, Chiropractic-treating family and a “job” I really enjoy!

Hobbies & Activities: My family, church, travel in the U.S., birding, antiques and tea rooms, scrap booking, playing guitar & organ, reading and … my husband’s hoping I’ll take up golf with him, (but I’m not too sure about that?!)

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