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Meet Dr. Ken Shelton

Chiropractic Changed My Life

Rossford Chiropractor, Dr. Ken Shelton

Dr. Ken Shelton

I have to admit, I did not choose my first chiropractor. My parents were patients of a family friend, Dr. Bill Pitchman who lived down the street. What I remember most was he made house calls! Whenever I missed a day of school, Dr. Bill, (that’s what we called him), would stop by the house and give me an adjustment. I did not make the connection back then, but I rarely missed more than one day of school.

My first life changing adjustment was later in life. While working for a concrete construction company, I hurt my back and was not able to bend over to tie my boots. I had to go to work and ask one of the guys to tie them for me. Just getting dressed in the morning was almost unbearable because moving was excruciating. As the day went on, I would loosen up and be OK.

After two weeks, the back of my leg started to burn when I bent over. The pain became unimaginable and I became frightened. I had not broken anything, I was not bleeding, Tylenol was of no help, and I had no idea what to do. Remembering my earlier experiences with Dr. Bill, I made an appointment with a chiropractor. Within one week, I was able to get dressed and even tie my boots. That experience got my attention!

Chiropractic Education

At the time, I was taking classes at Bowling Green State University. The construction job was merely a means to pay for school. I was a Biology major and Chemistry minor. After this last experience with chiropractic and a little research, I learned the classes I was taking fulfilled the pre-requisites for chiropractic colleges. Upon graduating from Bowling Green, I applied and was accepted at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Chiropractic classes include biochemistry, neurology, osteology, human anatomy, physiology and even pathology. Chiropractors do not study surgery or pharmacology, but concentrate on learning various adjusting techniques. I have been practicing these techniques since 1985, perfecting them, to treat patients just like you! I love making pain go away!

A Chiropractor Who Cares

I know people have reservations about seeing a chiropractor for the first time. It is different than traditional care. That is why I try to explain everything I do, before, during and after your visit. I take time to listen and answer all your questions before starting any care. My goal is to help you resolve your problems, whether neck, lower back, arm or leg pain, headaches, or numbness, chiropractic care is often successful. If yours is a chiropractic problem and I accept your case, I want you to be satisfied with the care you receive. If at any time you feel I am not providing the care and attention we discussed, I will refund any cash payments you have made and refer you to the appropriate medical physician. Ask us about this satisfaction guarantee! I am confident you will be happy!

I consider myself to be an excellent listener and hope we have the opportunity to meet and discuss your health concerns. Thank you for visiting our site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (419) 666-1114.

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